Company Details

Company Name : Gayatri Psyllium Industries
Address: Opp. S.R.Patel engineering College,
Unjha-Patan Road
At-Post: Sihi (N Gujarat),INDIA-384170
Phone : (02767) 254141


Product Name : Psyllium Husk / Psyllium Husk Powder
Other Name     : Psyllium Husk / Psyllium Husk Powder
HS CODE          : 12119032

Physical Data

Appearance                : Pale buff in color
Odour                          : Husk – Like
PH Value                     : Neutral
Solubility in Water     : Not Soluble, but swells to from a gel

Hazards Identification

Inhalation       : Dust is non – toxic
Skin contact   : Nil
Eye Contact    : May irritate eye
Ingestion        : Ingestion of dust may irritate the gastro-intestinal tract


Flammability : Non flammable

Transport Information

Transport         : Not classified as Hazardous goods, Freely Transportable by Road, Rail, Ship, Air but in a clean and sound
Consideration  : containers /packages Protecting from humidity, rodents & insects.

Regulatory Information

Hazard Label : Store in cool, dry place, in a well tight closed containers.
Safety Phrases : Avoid breathing dust. Do not store near chemicals, Oils.

Handling and Storage

Handling : Not classified as dangerous goods. The product is non-Toxic. Wearing of face mask is recommended while Handling to prevent inhalation of dust.
Storage : store in a cool and dry place. Protect from Moisture, Rodents & Insects by Fumigated The material every 30 days.

Exposure Control

Ventilation        : Ventilation should be control airborne levels.
Respirators      : Respirator approved for soild and liquid particles.
Eye Protection : Splash goggles or safety glasses.
Gloves              : Rubber or vinyl gloves.
Clothing           : Lab coat / Apron, Cap, mask.

Stability and Reactivity

Stability    : 5 Years.
Reactivity : Non Reactive.