Scientific Name : Plantago Ovata
Common Name : Psyllium (English)
Family : Plantaginaceae
Psyllium plant scientifically known as plantago ovata has gained importance as a traditional medicine throughout the world due to its best medicinal properties.
Locally known as isabgol or isabhghula is now cultivated on large scale in western India. Recently it has gained agricultural importance because of its wide use in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food grade industries worldwide.
Morphologically psyllium is a bushy herb growing in sandy, salty soil, is believed to be native to Asia, the Mediterrian Region and North Africa.
Psyllium seeds have characteristic of mucilage formation on catching humidity.
Due to these properties it is largely used in pharmaceutical industry, food preparations, ayurvedic medicine, unani remedies, preparation of crude drugs, etc.

Why Psyllium ?

A natural remedy for constipation regulates bowel functions by stimulating nutritional program of digestive system.
It contents natural fibers which are part of healthy regimen and has ability to decrease symptoms of fatigue loss of energy and other severe health problems.
Psyllium is cool, laxative, antidiuretic, soothing, harmless, antiacidic, emollient, demulesent, stabilizer, sizer.
Natural bulk forming laxative.
Helps to reduce risk of heart attack by decreasing serum cholesterol through proper excretion of bile acids.
Also helps in eliminating accumulated toxic, chemicals and excessive waste products from the body.

  • Non-habit forming.
  • Best natural laxative effect without colic pain.
  • Contains no toxic or harmful chemical / reagents.
  • Extremely safe for all ages.
  • No side effects.
  • Complete colon cleanse eliminates toxic waste.
  • Increases energy, improves body balance and harmony.
  • Nourishes and strengthens the waste-filtering process.
  • Nourishes the five main detoxifying organs.
  • Promotes healthy colonic environment.
  • 100% pure, safe and natural